M.M.Khambhatwala, the name begins its history to write in the year 1924, when the founder SHRI MANEKLAL MAGANLAL KHAMBHATWALA used his own name to be written in golden words. One common man from middle class family started the business of agarbattis (incense Sticks) and dhoop by using the common man’s vehicle – bicycle, the best tool available to him at that time to sell his unique ideas, determined to take his unique products to a whole new era.

At the time he started the business, he moved around meeting and greeting potential customers. It was like one man army. He was the Owner, Salesman, Production Manager, Sales In charge, Quality Controller, Despatch Manager, each and every responsibility was only on his shoulders, but he took all the challenges very sincerely and became the role model of us and all upcoming generations.

He always believed in tried, tested and trusted formula before serving his level best. Then we at M.M.Khambhatwala had blind faith in him and tested his formula to give customers the best of the quality they deserves, and today as a result you all customers, Retailers, Wholesalers, Agents, Distributors have made us the most trusted brand & you all have undoubtedly became the part of M.M.Khambhatwala family directly or indirectly.

MANEKLAL MAGANLAL KHAMBHATWALA had never thought only about his business. He was also aware of his social responsibilities. He built so many Temples, Houses for his workers & their families from his income at that time. He was using most of his income in welfare of people, especially for his workers, his relatives, his neighbours and to each and every person who came in his touch and felt that the person he met is really in need of his help.
One of our brand product Kohinoor Agarbatti rapidly touched people’s heart with its fragrance and quickly became the No. 1 product in the all cities of Gujarat and also in India. Today, we must say with the humble feeling that it is the only product in agarbatti (Incense Sticks) market which has completed over 85 years with the same fragrance and same quality. We also serve wide range of selection for our customers from traditional floral to modern fancy fragrance.One of our other product LOMA HAIR OIL ruled people’s heart & Soul for over continues 78 years for its unmatched quality in its segment, the reason of that was we were using the exported raw materials in it. But nowadays we are not getting the same quality raw-materials at any cost so we decided to discontinue the product temporarily rather than to compromise with its quality standards. We heartily appologize to all our kind user for this decesion. Our R & D Team is working really very hard on it and if the Loma Hair Oil will be launched again with the same quality, we promise to inform our kind customers through print and television media.

We at our company never believed in compromising at quality standards that was set by SHRI MANEKLAL MAGANLAL KHAMBHATWALA or never thought of price hiking every now and then. Making good quality always in all ways is our habit and good prices are our strength for humble growth and enviable customer relationship. This enterprise has grown into an Export House with a wide range of products in the year 1926.We started to export our products like Kesha Hair Oil, Loma Hair Oil, Havansamagris, dhoop, etc. in gulf countries like Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Dubai and so many other countries in the world.

We welcome you to share our Indian Culture, Tradition & Hospitality through our products at M/s. M.M.Khambhatwala. At the same time we are assuring of our best services, best quality at reasonable prices and best human behaviour to all our customers, retailers, wholesalers, distributors and agents at all times.

Looking forward to endless relationship forever with all of you.

Heartily thanking to you all,


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